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When Do You Need an E Visa?

 Posted on January 18,2024 in Immigration

Itasca immigration lawyerThe E visa is one of the most versatile and valuable visa categories if you are looking to enter the United States for business, investment, or trade purposes. There are various visas, and it is vital to make sure you are applying for the proper one. An Illinois immigration lawyer can help oversee your case and help determine the most suitable visa for you.

Coming to the United States as a Treaty Trader or Investor

One of the most common reasons to pursue visas is under the E-1 and E-2 subcategories for treaty traders and investors. The E-1 visa is meant for those engaged in substantial trade activities between their home country and the United States, such as exporting and importing goods or providing cross-border trade services.

 The E-2 visa allows individuals to direct and develop substantial investments in the United States economy. Both visa types are only available to nationals of countries with appropriate trade treaties with the United States.

Australian Specialty Occupation Workers

Australian nationals have access to a special E-3 visa designated specifically for Australian specialty workers. It has largely the same eligibility criteria as the more common H-1B visa. The key advantages of the E-3 are that it is uncapped and provides a more accessible pathway to permanent residency.

Spouses and Dependents

Spouses and dependents under 21 years old can accompany E visa holders to the United States under derivative E visas. The principle E visa holder must demonstrate adequate financial resources to support accompanying family members. Derivative visa holders can remain in the country for the same period as the principal E visa holder.

Extending Your E-Visa Stay

E visas are typically valid for up to three years initially. However, E visa holders can apply for extensions of stay in 3-year increments. There is no cap on the number of extensions an E-2 visa holder can receive if they plan to depart the U.S. when their status ends.

When an E-2 visa holder travels abroad during their validity period, they will usually be approved for automatic re-admission to the U.S. for another three years. However, it is important to understand that having a valid E visa does not guarantee entry. Border officers decide whether you can enter based on the purpose outlined in your visa.

The key advantages of E visas are renewal and extension flexibility. With no maximum limit, qualifying E visa holders can continue extending their stays in 3-year intervals for as long as they maintain their eligibility.

Contact an Itasca, IL, Immigration Lawyer

Going through the process of obtaining a visa can take time and effort. It can be worthwhile to have a DuPage County, IL, immigration attorney on your side. The paperwork and legal steps may seem intimidating, but with legal representation on your side, you can have a better outcome. Call Unzueta Law Group, P.C. at 630-509-2363 to get started.

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