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The United States has long been known as a nation that offers a safe haven for oppressed people from around the world. Individuals and families who face persecution in their home nations often seek safety in America. With that in mind, the federal government permits immigrants from oppression to apply for asylum, which can then lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

At Unzueta Law Group, P.C., our skilled immigration lawyers understand the complex nature of asylum cases. However, our team has extensive experience in the practice of immigration law, and we are equipped to help you and your family seek asylum in the United States.

Understanding Asylum

"Asylum" is a legal status that can be granted to a person who has come to the United States but who cannot return to his or her home country due to the fear of persecution or a history of past persecution. To qualify for asylum, the persecution in question must be due to the person's religion, race, political beliefs, nationality, or membership in a social group.

A person who is granted asylum is known as "asylee." An asylee becomes eligible to apply for permanent resident (green card) status after one year. Four years after obtaining a green card, the person becomes eligible to apply for citizenship through naturalization.

In everyday conversation, it is not uncommon to hear asylum seekers referred to as refugees, but there are important differences under the law. A person who is seeking asylum is one who does so after entering the United States. A refugee, by comparison, applies for legal entry as a refugee while he or she is still outside of the country. The two are similar in that both are unwilling or unable to return home due to persecution.

Helping Asylum Seekers in Rolling Meadows and Schaumburg

In most cases, an individual who wishes to become an asylee must apply for asylum within one year of entering the United States. Exceptions are possible but are very rarely granted. If you are seeking asylum in the U.S., our attorneys can help you with your application. In your application, you will need to provide details regarding:

  • The nature and extent of the persecution you will face if you return to your home country;
  • The reasons for your fear of persecution;
  • The perpetrators of the persecution in your home country, such as the government or military groups;
  • How and why you personally suffered past harm from persecution; and
  • The specific harm you believe will occur if you return to your country.

If your case is referred to immigration court, we will provide the guidance and representation you need to convince the judge of the seriousness of your situation. In any immigration matter, preparation and attention to detail are the keys to success, and our team is prepared to help you secure asylum for yourself and your loved ones.

Immigration Lawyers You Can Trust

To learn more about the process of applying for asylum, contact our office. Call 630-509-2363 to schedule an affordable, confidential consultation regarding your case today. Unzueta Law Group, P.C. represent asylum seekers in Itasca, Wood Dale, Addison, Bensenville, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, DuPage County, Cook County, and the rest of Northern Illinois.

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